The rise of women-only gyms: The newest trend in fitness for 2022

The rise of women-only gyms: the newest trend in fitness for 2022
In order to avoid criticism, 65% of women avoid going to the gym. Although working out in the gym with the toughest, sexiest men may boost your feminist pride, there is something alluring about working out with other women. The many components of women's-only gyms in India will be covered in this piece. Continue to read.

Have you ever been intimidated in a gym? Do you know how it feels to be completely dissuaded from working out by the thought of attending a busy gym full of dedicated "gym fans"? Particularly for someone who is just starting their fitness journey, the typical gym environment can be intimidating and stressful.

The "gender-gap" at the gym acts as an additional barrier for women to feel scrutinised or as though they don't belong when they join a gym or fitness class, with women, in particular, appearing to be more affected than men.
As a further step in addressing this gender imbalance, TikTok users have drawn attention to an intriguing trend in the fitness industry: the rise of women-only gyms. Women's fitness clubs have recently received a lot of attention on the app, despite the fact that the hashtag #WomensOnlyGym has amassed over 18 million views and counting.

The Trendy Tik Tok Gyms For Women Only
A popular tweet from April by the TikTok user @heatherhuesman described her experience at the women-only club Blush Fitness in Overland Park, Kansas. A tour of the gym is provided in the film, and some of its attractions include a full complement of free weights and equipment, 24-hour members-only access, and a mirrored studio for group classes.

Heather Huesman talks about the steps taken to make sure ladies feel safe and comfortable in the same video. A ladies-only gym, for instance, has tinted windows to deter creepy "window shopping" by onlookers. Additionally, the facility offers free menstrual products and posts signs indicating the hours that male personnel are on duty. The gym's website states that Blush Fitness also hosts social wine evenings and gives premium members access to free childcare.

The Australian fitness brand Fernwood Fitness, which caters only to women, has also gained popularity on TikTok. Similar to Blush Fitness, Fernwood is a 24-hour, all-ladies gym with keyfob access. According to a post from TikTok user @bisousx showing one of the locations, Fernwood Fitness emphasises a stereotypically feminine approach and boasts a tonne of equipment, pink LED-lit studios, and bathrooms so nice, you'd want to have them in your own home.

Other ladies have utilised the app to launch own gyms in addition to these gym tour videos. During the COVID-19 outbreak, in particular, @leighchristinafit blogged about the women's-only gym she opened, sharing with her followers how she turned her dreams become reality by pursuing her passion for fitness.
It makes sense that women-only gyms are becoming more and more popular at a time when the internet is flooded with complaints about creepy patrons and lifters who mansplain. Think about the following instance: A TikTok user named @jrodriguezxo chronicled her contact with a stranger at the gym by uploading a video of herself speaking to the stranger after learning that the customer had shot the woman in question. On the person's phone, the picture was eventually found.

Another TikTok user, @juliaapic, had a similar experience while exercising her glutes and recorded the man she believed was taking pictures of her on camera. Anyone who has experienced anything comparable can appreciate the appeal of women-only gyms.

However, as evidenced by the Blush Fitness and Fernwood Fitness videos, some male TikTok users have argued that the idea of women-only gyms is a form of segregation. Many people have praised the idea, including TikTok user @makennagomez615. The general consensus is best expressed in a comment on a post from Blush Fitness: "I'd feel a lot safer [at a gym like this] if I misused a machine because I'm a beginner. Asking for assistance would make me feel a lot less judged and more at ease."
Women are the primary target audience for ladies-only gyms, which seem to be on the rise and are here to stay.

Why Women May Feel Intimidated in Gym Environments
Beyond only feeling self-conscious, these negative implications might make women reluctant to exercise, which has a negative impact on the general health and fitness of the female population.
The desire for a gym atmosphere where women can gather to form a community to encourage and inspire one another has quadrupled in the past three months, demonstrating that there is a greater need than ever for such an environment. In India, there are a growing number of female-only fitness studios that aim to provide efficient workouts and food plans to women of all ages and fitness levels in one place. It could be scary if you're unsure of what to do at the gym. On the other hand, taking part in a group exercise class might truly assist you in gaining confidence as you pick up skills from your instructor and those around you.

Less Gym Intimidation: The Need For Female-Only Facilities
Gym intimidation is the term used to describe a lack of confidence when using the gym's equipment or a lack of fitness. Even just mentally preparing oneself to go to the gym may be challenging, let alone worrying about what other people might think. Being intimidated by big, strong men at the gym could make it more difficult for you to achieve your fitness goals. In a women's-only gym, there is less judgement and intimidation from other women.

More facilities for women-only exercise
A women-only gym gives you access to extra equipment and sessions made specifically for women and their bodies. Women like group training programmes that challenge their bodies and minds, while males want to show off their prowess on the handle-free weights and gym equipment. This entails more yoga, pilates, barre, Zumba, and flexibility practises in addition to weight training.

Less public, more private
Men's gyms are frequently noisier and less comfortable than women-only gyms. You may feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to start in many coed gyms due to their size and plenty of complicated equipment. You can achieve your fitness objectives in a private, judgment-free setting by receiving individual woman-on-woman personal training at a women's only gym, which is frequently smaller and more intimate.

Wonderful Way To Network
Let's face it, a gym is a great place to meet people, network, and make new friends in addition to being a great place to get in shape and release stress. A women-only gym is a great location to connect with other successful, self-assured women who share your interests.

Integrated, encouraging approach
A women-only gym's all-encompassing holistic approach to fitness is another advantage. Of course, exercising, eating well, and receiving psychological support are all important components of being a fit, healthy woman. One of the many advantages of a women-only gym is being surrounded by female expert trainers who comprehend this holistic approach.

The Value Of A Safe Exercise Environment For Women
When it comes to your health, fitness, and psychological well-being, it's not just about how quickly you can run, lift weights, or lose weight. Setting reasonable goals for your body, mind, and overall health is key, as is maintaining these positive behaviors.
"The gender difference in physical activity is widely known; globally, women are less likely than men to reach the recommended levels of physical activity for health. The World Health Organization (WHO) emphasizes the importance of providing safe and accessible leisure-time physical activities for women as part of the solution, and there is currently a policy appetite for addressing the gender gap, writes Stephanie Coen, PhD, a critical health geographer at the University of Nottingham with an overarching concern for how everyday social and material contexts matter for health and health equity.
According to study, regular exercise can help reduce the risk of contracting a number of diseases, including as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, and offer a number of benefits for mental health, such as stress management. Additionally, studies have shown that just 30 minutes of exercise every day can help to boost our immune systems and improve our bodies' reactions to impending immunizations, which is obviously more crucial than ever.

What to Think About When Looking for a Ladies Gym Near Me
Fitness is a way of life, so now that you've made the decision to join a gym and start going regularly, it's crucial to pick the right facility. When looking for a "only girls gym near me," there are a number of things you as a woman must take into account. Finding nearby gyms is really simple thanks to the internet, but you risk missing out on some of the information that gym-goers learn. So, even while doing your research online, be sure to take the following things into account before choosing a facility. You should take the following into account when looking for a "only girls gym near me with fees": Finding the greatest female gym in your area should be a top priority for you. It has long been a problem for women's safety, and not everywhere is safe for everyone. Keep in mind that the gym assures the safety and security of its members when looking for a "gym for women near me."
You should look for a "girls only gym near me" that has an all-female staff and female trainers for a more welcoming atmosphere.
When looking online for a "female gym near me," hygiene should be a top concern, especially now that we have experienced the pandemic's vengeance.
The people who frequent your gym must be decent and wise. Before making a final choice, you should go to the gym.

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