New Bodybuilding Study on the Benefits of 'Deadlifts

If done correctly, deadlifts are a highly effective muscle-building exercise that will revitalise your entire physical condition to a whole new level. Here are some statistics showing how deadlifts can significantly boost your physical strength to peak levels: Each time you subject yourself to this workout (once or twice a month), deadlifts will quadruple your natural levels of testosterone and growth hormone. Deadlifts will dramatically speed up your metabolism and turn fat into pure energy. Don't laugh; it's a fact that deadlifts will aid in "gas-liberation," detoxification, and urination.


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If done properly, deadlifts will improve your sexual performance and desire. Deadlifts can significantly increase your heart's and lungs' functionality. Your immune system will be boosted by deadlifts, allowing you to recover from illnesses more quickly. Deadlifts will increase your speed, strength, leanness, agility, and energy. I lust after the sensation of short-duration, intense Deadlifts that successfully compel my body to release a steady stream of testosterone, arousing a ravenous beast within me. After a "Deadlift Workout," I can feel my sensuality soar to new heights and my muscles swell to the point where my poise is immediately activated and enhanced to the utmost.

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