Beginner Bodybuilding Guidelines & Tips

  • The very first step a beginner must do is consult their doctor to get the green light to start a program of exercise that includes cardio and weight training.

  • Choose your objectives. Do you wish to reduce body fat and tone it up or do you wish to add weight? Both simultaneously is possible, but it isn't an easy task and could result to eating regimens that zigzag.

  • A good rule of thumb is that If your body fat is lower than 14%, then you are able to grow and increase weight and body fat. If you're above 14%, then consider trying to initially shed some fat before trying to gain weight. The majority of people who have a body fat percentage greater than 30% is considered to being obese.

  • Set a nutritional plan before beginning training. 5-6 meals daily is a must whether you're looking to shed bf or increase weight.

  • Set a specific schedule of training. If you are required to engage an individual trainer for a few hours to demonstrate how to complete the most basic exercises. Get suggestions on your workout routine whether from knowledgeable individuals at the gym or on our forum.

  • Select a gym which includes all the necessary equipment (benches as well as squat racks, Smiths, etc.). If you are going in the evenings when it is the busiest time (5pm-8pm) you must take the time to join the gym with the largest equipment available. This will allow you to finish your workout more quickly and not have to wait for anyone to quit their machine. It is important to ensure that you have personal trainers at your gym and a helpful staff. Also, cleanliness is a must!

  • Don't visit to the fitness center to strengthen your arms and chest! If you're looking for your progression to be quick, you must work all muscles at least one time every week.

  • Don't overtax your body through unnecessary hours in the gym. In the gym, work hard and leave in the quickest time possible! The growth process happens outside the gym when you are eating healthy food and taking a nap and relaxing.

  • Training for cardio is a great method for beginners to to assist them in building endurance for exercise routines with weights.
  • Keep in mind that you'll be able to progress faster by applying these equations to your daily life:

  • TRAINING + MEALS + REST = GROWTH! If one or more of these components are not present, growth will not happen and you'll end up extremely frustrated.

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